Welcome to F. W. Balsinger Used & Rare Books

Under Construction

If you have somehow stumbled upon this humble venture, it’s not quite a thing yet. I, your humble proprietor, am now in the process of starting to populate the site with reader resources. I have grandiose plans, but they must, alas, start from meager beginnings. I’ll spare you promises of glories to come. For now, I’m just finishing up the earliest design decisions. My next step is to create a handy resource for collecting award-winning fantasy fiction. However large the scope may grow in time, that’s it for the moment. May it become a valuable resource to you sooner rather than later.

Until next we meet, go forth with my best wishes.

Author: Frank Balsinger

Lifelong student with interests a mile wide and an inch deep. Autodidact. Pedant, hopefully of the slightly more pleasant sort. Sharer of things learned along the way. Lately of a creative bent.

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