100 1993 and 1994 common baseball cards

Let’s get started with baseball cards!

Do I know how to sell the sizzle or what?

I’ll be starting on a fairly large consignment of agricultural implement operator, technical, and parts manuals very soon. In the meantime, it’s time to spring back into eBay sales by stealing second back some shelf space. So up first in my eBay offerings to you, Dear Reader, is a lot of 100 1993 and 1994 common Upper Deck, Topps, and Donruss baseball cards, all of which I would grade at 7 or better. I think 8, but I’ll call it 7 to err in your favor.

I’ve had these since they were new, and then went from looking them over into an acrylic card storage box, and I just never caught the bug. Imagine my scratch-off lottery level of excitement as I looked up each of these 100 cards and discovered that I’m still not retiring. No, but my loss might be your gain, if you happen to collect baseball cards and just happen to have a few gaps in your 1993 and 1994 boxes. It could happen!

After looking at the prevailing prices, I figured I’d shoot for the moon with a Buy It Now option of $99.99, but you could pick this whole bundle up for less than a dime a card if you’re the only bidder at the starting price of $9.99. And there’s no reserve. And there’s free shipping. I feel like I should have a little animated party horn going off below, but I won’t do that to you.

What I will do is spare you the extra click if you just want to kick tires right here. The cards in the lot are as follows. If there’s enough there to pique your interest, you’re only one click away from taking a swing at them.

Upper Deck
443 Chad Mottola
468 Ivan Rodriguez
510 Rondell White
567 Barry Bonds
590 Chuck Carr
614 Darrin Fletcher
619 John Vander Wal
627 Pete O’Brien
645 Phil Hiatt
659 Mike Bielecki
671 Bobby Thigpen
711 Luis Aquino
737 Baryl Boston
805 Dave Stieb
824 Randy Johnson
16 Orel Hershiser
24 John Smiley
25 Jeff Montgomery
26 Robin Ventura
55 Kirt Manwaring
64 Chuck Knoblauch
86 Damion Easley (2 copies)
89 Mike Lansing
93 Raul Mondesi
106 Reggie Sanders
117 Ed Sprague
119 Darren Holmes
146 Joe Oliver
148 Armando Reynoso
155 Tim Wakefield
157 Pat Meares
186 Jose Guzman
194 Jeff Blauser
195 Chris Hoiles
196 Ricky Gutierrez
198 Carl Willis
214 Vinny Castilla
216 Wally Whitehurst
247 Carlos Baerga
270 Steve Farr
288 Bill Swift
301 Mike Jackson
324 Chris Sabo
326 Willie Greene
336 Jeff Russell
372 Manuel Lee
374 Zane Smith
413 Pat Mahomes
415 Todd Jones
434 Tom Henke
434 Tom Henke
544 Greg Maddux
549 Delino DeShields
554 Melido Perez
555 Mike Felder
560 Greg Harris (3 copies)
561 Matt Walbeck
567 Melvin Nieves
572 Omar Vizquel
575 Mitch Williams
578 Greg Pirkl
581 Walt Weiss
598 Robby Thompson
602 Gregg Olson
606 Pat Rapp
611 Pedro Martinez
618 John Habyan
620 Bobby Jones
626 Bob Hamelin
636 Paul Sorrento
645 Paul Molitor
646 Paul Assenmacher
648 Gary Wayne
653 Allen Watson
655 Sid Bream
656 Dan Wilson
657 Ricky Jordan
658 Sterling Hitchcock
662 Jose Vizcaino (2 copies)
665 Fred McGriff
668 James Mouton
681 Heathcliff Slocumb
687 Andy van Slyke
689 Dave Henderson
690 Tony Eusebio
693 Alan Mills
694 Jeff Treadway
696 David Segui
701 Marvin Freeman
707 Brian Harper
713 Bobby Ayala
714 John Smoltz
716 Greg Maddux
717 Matt Williams
718 Frank Thomas
719 Ryne Sandberg
3 Barry Bonds foil

Author: Frank Balsinger

Lifelong student with interests a mile wide and an inch deep. Autodidact. Pedant, hopefully of the slightly more pleasant sort. Sharer of things learned along the way. Lately of a creative bent.

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