Hi! Your friendly neighborhood online proprietor here. Typical of me, I start a project by backing into it. My long goal is to eventually own a small Main Street brick and mortar bookstore that mostly specializes in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Like my favorite bookstores, it should have plenty of sidelines, as well…specially selected games and toys, music, movies, art, you get the idea.

For now, that dream is still a fair ways off. One early order of business is to have more than a vague idea of exactly what I want my inventory to look like. My online bookstore is, in part, my way of figuring that out with what will be a fairly comprehensive offering of award winning titles and authors in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Until there’s a brick and mortar location and a physical inventory, I’m availing myself of Amazon’s affiliate program (as well as others in time).

I’ve got ideas galore for ways to make this site a valuable resource for readers and collectors alike. For now, it’s enough to just get focused on what these awards are, who awards them, why, and when. Side by side with that, I’ll be developing a calendar of upcoming award ceremonies. It’ll be a work in progress for a while.

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