And now for a word from our sponsor…me


If this site crosses your WordPress reader, I should almost apologize since it is so much of a work in progress, and only just getting started at that. I’ll try to make it worth your while at least occasionally. At this stage, I’m exploring the full scope of what I intend here, and, well, it expands rather than contracts.

As first envisioned, one by one book posts as they get added to their respective headings, it could be the work of a full lifetime, and to little effect until much, much later. I’m not a deeply funded Silicon Valley venture or a major chain or even an established brick and mortar location (that’s the end goal and the dream). I’m just one guy and I only have the second half of a life to accomplish this, and that’s being incredibly optimistic at my age. Continue reading “And now for a word from our sponsor…me”